In the end, I still love TVXQ5 the most. Jaejoong, thank you for making my day today ;;

Hi~~ from Shanghai! ^^

I finally managed to get on a computer! It’s so hard to find wifi in China and so hard to contact anyone sobs

I’ll be leaving for Seoul tomorrow, I’m so excited!! How are my followers?? You guys probably don’t miss me, right?? Haha

I’ll be inactive starting from today because I am leaving for China!! (And a lot of things are blocked there + hard to find wifi sobs) I will be touring SKorea for 5 days, so maybe I can get on Tumblr for a little bit then?? If I take nice pictures, I’ll upload them ^^

Take care my lovely followers!! <3



the bus to go to the studio ghibli museum!

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Fun Psychology facts here!

sungjae-yah~ [trans]

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follow for more!

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Chicken porn CF

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tao can’t hide his shyness when tangwei said to him: “if there wasn’t any people around, i’d give you a big hug”

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Just look at all of their faces individually

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